• Pension Firn Sepp - Mauterndorf
  • Zimmer & Ferienwohnungen in Mauterndorf
  • Ferienwohnungen & Zimmer in Mauterndorf, Salzburger Land
  • Ferienwohnungen & Zimmer in Mauterndorf, Salzburger Land
  • Ferienwohnung Mauterndorf Firn Sepp
  • Ferienwohnungen & Zimmer in Mauterndorf, Salzburger Land
  • Zimmer & Ferienwohnungen in Mauterndorf
  • Sommer Segelflugzeug Mauterndorf Lungau
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Airfield Mauterndorf
in Salzburger Land

Sport aviation in Mauterndorf and surrounding area

An overwhelming feeling of freedom – impressive views – near the heavens. Just 300 m away from the Pension Firn Sepp you’ll find the Mauterndorf airfield. Here, at the highest alpine airfield in Austria (1,110 m), flying enthusiasts from all over the world meet up to start out on flights in gliders and ultra-light aircraft.

Flugsport - Mauterndorf - Lungau - Pension Firn Sepp

Further information about the airfield in Mauterndorf

  • Types of launch: winch, aeroplane towing, independent
  • Start from 8.30 am
  • Towing planes: Piper Supercup 180, Robin Dr 400 180
  • Thermic: long thermic periods due to the favourable location, Mitterberg gives up wind (thermal or slope wind)
  • Extensive area with separate hangar (for construction of guest planes or parking)
  • Pilot’s room with internet access
  • Charter of double of single-seater gliders or motor-gliders possible
  • Ski flying at the airfield in Mauterndorf with PIPER Supercup PA 18 and ROTAX-Falke
Technical details
  • Alpine airfield LOSM, Elev 3.642 ft. / 1.110 m
  • Private airfield PPR N 47 7.9    E 013 41.8
  • Grass landing strip 820 m x 25 m TORA / LDA 700 m
  • Landing strip direction 07 / 25   3,2 t. AUW
  • Fuel F3 and 98 oct. Mogas
  • MET + AIS Salzburg customs yes, see Austria 3.3-1
Pilot and pension owner Firn Sepp

The pension owner Sepp is a keen pilot. His passion for gliding has taken him all over. Detailed information available tel.  +43 664 422 80 83 or directly in the Pension Firn Sepp in Mauterndorf.

Pension Firn Sepp - Mauterndorf

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