• Sommer Wandern Mauterndorf Lungau
  • Sommer Wandern Mauterndorf Lungau
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Summer Holiday in Mauterndorf, near Obertauern

Hiking, biking, swimming,… in Salzburger Land

Fascinating landscape – a wide variety of animals – attractive surroundings. Enjoy a great summer holiday full of adventures here in Mauterndorf in Salzburger Land. Families, nature lovers and alpine enthusiasts appreciate the versatile landscape for hikes, mountain tours, biking trails and mountain bike routes. Guests looking for a relaxing time can enjoy an e-bike tour or a cable car journey up to the alpine pastures. You’re sure to have fun swimming, horse riding, playing tennis… in Mauterndorf in Salzburger Land.

Hiking, climbing & nordic walking

Pension Firn Sepp - Sommerurlaub - Wandern
Pension Firn Sepp - Wandern - Mauterndorf
  • Well-marked network of hiking trails in all levels of difficulty
  • arying lengths for families, keen walkers and experienced mountain climbers
  • Particularly recommended: Hikes to the numerous mountain lakes in Lungau
  • Refreshment stops along the hiking trails in Mauterndorf: Almstüberl Fanningberg, Panorama-Alm, Berggasthof Jacklbauer
  • Tip for families: NaturPur Weg in Mauterndorf – over 50 stations providing interesting information about the local flora and fauna
  • Adventure Mountains Grosseck-Speiereck with a variety of hiking trails
  • Lungau alley bus
  • Hiking using the cable car – from Mauterndorf on the 8-seater Grosseck cable car
  • 4 nordic walking route in Mauterndorf with a total of 20.8 km in length

Cycling, mountain biking & e-biking

Sommerurlaub - Mauterndorf - Radfahren, Mountainbiken, E-Biken
Sommerurlaub - Mauterndorf - Radfahren, Mountainbiken, E-Biken
  • Network of trails with well-marked cycle, mountain bike and e-bike routes
  • arying differences in altitude and length
  • Cycle path leads right past the Pension Firn Sepp
  • Well-signposted mountainbike trails on Grosseck-Speiereck (transport of bike permitted on the cable car )
  • Mur Cycle Path Route leads through Mauterndorf
  • E-bike charging stations throughout Lungau
  • For guests: free e-bike rental with service rucksack in the Pension Firn Sepp
  • Bike rental shops in Mauterndorf

Swimming, horse riding

Sommerurlaub - Mauterndorf - Schwimmen
Sommerurlaub - Mauterndorf - Reiten
  • Adventure Pool Mauterndorf with solar-heated pool, toddlers’ pool, giant water slide, fountain shower, massage bench, sunbathing area…
  • Approx. 100 km of well-marked bridle paths for horse riding in Lungau
  • Bridle paths for riding from Mauterndorf: Weg nach Moosham (Start: Mauterndorf Airfield), path to Tweng (Start: Mauterndorf Castle)
  • Riding farms in resort of Mauterndorf
  • For horse-lovers: Horse market in Mauterndorf – annually at the end of August

Playing tennis, golf & crazy golf

Sommerurlaub - Mauterndorf - Tennis
Sommerurlaub - Mauterndorf - Golfen
  • Tennis: 3 sand tennis courts in Mauterndorf
  • Crazy golf course at the Adventure Pool Mauterndorf with 18 holes
  • Golf club Lungau in St. Michael:
    18 hole tournament course and 9 hole practice course, fairways
    approx. 6 km from the Pension Firn Sepp entfernt
    Golf school, golf shop

Motorbike tours, sport aviation

Sommerurlaub - Mauterndorf - Motorrad
Sommerurlaub - Mauterndorf - Flugsport

Adventure sports & more

Sommerurlaub - Mauterndorf - Abenteuersportarten
Sommerurlaub - Mauterndorf - Abenteuersportarten
  • Rafting, canyoning, canoeing bookable at the Alpine School Firn Sepp
  • Kinderland SMARTY Land in ski centre Mauterndorf with boulder wall, pedal go-karts, quad bikes for kids, trampolines etc.
  • Outdoor Park Lungau: Flying-fox, boulder rocks, team obstacle courses,…

Firn Sepp’s personal hiking suggestions:

Pension Firn Sepp - Mauterndorf - Maskottchen Lotte

As we are keen summer sports enthusiasts and know the region well, we can give you useful hiking tips, leading you to the most scenic spots in the area around Mauterndorf. Additional information and suggestions to suit all abilities are directly available from Pension Firn Sepp.

Pleasure Hike Grosseck (2,066 m)
  • From the church in Mauterndorf heading toward the Retirement Home
  • Marked route along te Götzweg to the turn-off to the Trogalm
  • At an altitude of approx. 1,580 m the path is verges into a forest track, carry along this until the signpost towards the Trogweg
  • Along the Trogweg, in front of the Trogalm Hut a marked footpath leads up to the Grosseck
  • From here along an alpine trail to the Speiereck
  • Refreshment stop: Trogalm, nearby you’ll find the Trogalms lakes with paths and resting places

Walking time: to the Grosseck approx. 3 hrs. · Grosseck – Speiereck approx. 1 hr.

From Mauterndorf to the scenic mountain peak Moserkopf (1,901 m)
  • From Mauterndorf Castle along the road through the district of Stampfl to the edge of the forest
  • Carry on along the path marked no. 43 and 46
  • Over the bridge uphill long the forest track, through the gap in the fence (don’t follow the path to the left), then along the muddy path laid with wooden planks
  • After approx. 50 m the path turns off to the left, follow the path to the Veitlbauer farm
  • Follow the path to the right of the farmhouse or follow the forest track
  • After approx. 30 mins. you come to the panoromic viewing point “Gondelblick”, carry on along the path for approx. 1 hour to the Almstüberl
  • Approx. 15 mins. up to the peak of the Moserkopf
  • Descend along the same path or turn off left left from the Samerhütte to the Stadl and Heinererhütte, from here follow the marked path no. 46 from Fanningberg back to Mauterndorf

Walking time: Mauterndorf – Veitlbauer approx. 45 mins. · Veitlbauer – Moserkopf approx. 1.75 hrs. · Moserkopf – Mauterndorf approx. 2.5 hrs.

On the cable car and on foot up to the Speiereck (2,411 m)
  • From the valley station of the 8-seater cable car up to the Grossecksattel at 2,000 m (cable car suitable for the disabled, transportation of pushchairs and bikes possible)
  • From the mountain station follow the signposts heading towards the Grosseck and  Speiereckhütte (2,066 m) up to the peak
  • Head down towards the Trogalm, from there downhill to the Panorama-Alm and the mountain station of the 8-seater cable car, take the cable car down to the valley station / Restaurant Schi Alm
  • Descend along the path no. 41 to Mauterndorf or along the “Pure Nature Path” with info boards from the Trogalm back down to Mauterndorf (steep path)

Walking tome: Grosseck – Speiereck approx. 1 hr. · Speiereck – Trogalm – 8-seater cable car approx. 1.5 hrs. · Trogalm – Mauterndorf no. 41 approx. 1.5 hrs · mountain station- Mauterndorf approx. 2.5 hrs.

From St. Michael to the Speiereck (2,411 m)
  • From the Tourist Office in St. Michael, through the little alley way from the Chemists’ to the Leitnergasse on to the “Leitnerbauer” farmhouse and the “Granglergut” farm
  • From there along the Mühlsteig, path no. 92
  • Path leads to the lower Piendlalm, carry on along the well-signposted trail
  • After crossing several forest tracks you come to the Speiereck-Halterhütte (1,933 m), open to the public, from the carry on to the Speiereck peak
  • Descend along the ascent path
  • Or past the Peterbauer Almstub’n, the Trogalm to the drag-lift valley (path no. 93 / 94) and steep uhill to the Grubental, from there either right along the Sonnendörfl (path no. 93) or along the forest track (path no. 94) to the Piendlalm and back to St. Michael

Gehzeiten: St. Michael – Speiereck – Halterhütte ca. 2 Std. · Speiereck – Halterhütte – Speiereck ca. 1 Std. · Gesamte Wanderung: ca. 5,5 – 6 Stunden

From the Unternberg past the Frimlkapelle (chapel) to the Schloss Moosham
  • From the Unterberg village square turn right into the Haltgasse, along the Himmelsteig circular path no. 88 as far as the Mitterberg road
  • Carry along the road to the Frimlhof farm and the Frimlkapelle chapel (1,358 m)
  • Continue to the left of the chapel along path no. 37 towards Schloss Moosham
  • At the former Kreilgut turn right along a forest path up to the hightest point (at appro. 1,510 m), then turn left and continue through the forest and then along the mountain bike trail “Mitterberg Spezial”, along the steep Hohlweg and forest tracks downhill to Schloss Moosham
  • Maybe take a guided tour of the castle at the end of this demanding hike

Walking times: Unternberg – Frimlkapelle approx. 1.5 hrs. · Frimlkapelle – Schloss Moosham approx. 2.5 hrs.

Sommerurlaub - Salzburger Land

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